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  • Sports

    Archery is Bhutan's national game which is played in a traditional colourful attire...

  • Bhutan is a Birder's Paradise

    Bhutan has around 678 recorded bird species. At least 10 species are globally threatened...

  • Arts and Crafts of Bhutan

    The most exciting and vital aspects of the Bhutanese tradition and heritage are found in its art and crafts.

  • Land of Festivals

    The religious dance festivals, known as Tsechus are held in different districts, at specific times during the year. It the most colourful and attractive event to witness...

  • People with smiles

    The Bhutanese people are open and have sense of humour. Hospitality is an in-built social value in Bhutan

  • Flourishing Buddhism

    The state religion of Bhutan is the Drukpa sect of Kargyupa, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism.

  • Ecosystem Diversity

    Bhutan falls under one of the ten global biodiversity ‘hotspots’ with many animal and plant species.

  • Birding Paradise

    Bhutan is considered a birding paradise with 678 recorded species, and atleast 14 species are globally threatened...

  • Beautiful Architecture

    The characteristic style and color of every building and house in the kingdom is a distinct source of aesthetic pleasure.

  • Flora and Fauna Diversity

    Bhutan creates a heaven for wide range of animals. Close to 200 species of mammals have been recorded in Bhutan

  • Country of Magnificent Dzongs

    Wherever you go, you will come across various magnificent Dzongs (fortress) which shows the creativity and talents of Bhutan's architects...

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